Long Time No See

Hm. So I see you guys are being amazing people. HOWEVER, yes there has to be a however, you’re still following this blog instead of my other one, http://wellhellomel.wordpress.com/. You guys should go follow that one because what I’ve posted on there is wayyyyyy better then what’s on here. Trust me, I would know. I’m winking right now by the way. OH, ALSO, once you go follow that blog, you should go checkout my story on wattpad. Yes, I’m giving this wattpad thing a go. Shhh, it’s a secret. But yeah, my story is called Blinded By Love, at http://www.wattpad.com/user/realityreeks. GO READ IT ASAP. Anyways, yeah. Don’t follow this blog nope go follow my new one. IF YOU READ THIS AND FOLLOW THIS BLOG INSTEAD YOU WILL BE CURSED (however, I love you very much).


About nowgrowup

I'm just a nobody who finds pleasure in complaining about my daily life.

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