I’m Not Dead WHAAAAT?!?

Hey guys I’m still alive. School is killing me and I’m literally typing this at 2 in the morning so hello. So some of you have this obsession with this blog and I love you because you keep following it. I’m not sure why but I HAVE A NEW ONE CALLED http://wellhellomel.wordpress.com/  (which I have been neglecting but will start writing more again). I am terribly sorry to those of you who have gone on it and seen no recent posts but literally if you were me you’d see how much work I’m getting and I’m not even doing well yet I’m working so hard like ??????? Anyways, if you’ve read this all the way to here and think, “Oh she seems cool maybe I’ll follow her,” do NOT follow this blog. This blog is evil. Follow http://wellhellomel.wordpress.com. Oh yes, now that’s a good blog even though the owner hasn’t been posting but it’s not her fault pray for her BYE.


About nowgrowup

I'm just a nobody who finds pleasure in complaining about my daily life.

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