New Blog Coming Soon!

Hello everyone, it’s Mel and I have some news. This is going to be a quick post because it’s really late at night and I need to go to sleep. I’ve been thinking about making another blog, one with a more positive attitude maybe. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be “A view into the radical life of a nobody”, that is completely my original idea (and you know I hate it when others copy me). But, hey, I really want to be a writer and don’t seem to be getting much views or helping anyone with my pessimistic posts! I’ll also try to plan ahead about what I want to write about, and make a schedule, so my posts are more interesting, relatable, and hilarious to read. Fuck I just want to start another blog. I have yet to come up with a name, but hopefully I’ll have it running by next week.

I encourage you to fol–I WANT YOU TO FUCKING FOLLOW IT.

Please and thank you (I may also be using more exclamation points…actually I hate them and highly doubt it)!


About nowgrowup

I'm just a nobody who finds pleasure in complaining about my daily life.

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