Day 38: Long Time No Complaining

dare_to_complainHello everyone, it’s Mel and I am, once again, not doing my homework!

I haven’t had time to make a post, been focusing on school (which is pretty pointless since nothing changes when I do). Every day when I walk home from school I say to myself, “Okay! You’re going to get home, get your homework done, and then get get on your laptop!” Then I get home and go on my laptop. I’m so stupid too like..
I have my bag – open
The books in the bag – on the floor – open
My pencil case – open
Me – on my laptop not working on any of the things laying before me due tomorrow
Do you see the problem? I don’t feel any guilt which is why I keep putting it off. Mel, snap outta it, get your work done! Maybe you can even, y’know, go to bed earlier even though you say that every day and never make an effort to do it no matter how early you finish your work and this sentence just keeps running on and on and I just can’t stop complaining.

My friend, let’s call her Anne, was crying today about a fight she had with her mom (man this topic changed in a matter of seconds). I would’ve been okay with it and tried to comfort her except she was doing the everything-reminds-me-of-her-and-all-our-happy-memories shit that’s just annoying. Val even gave up after a while when Anne just kept talking about it. And what’s even more annoying is that when she realized nobody was paying attention to her anymore she stopped crying. Now Anne. Seriously. Seriously now. Anne.

You guys should literally hear the voice I’m using right now to type this.
I talk to myself when I write.
No big deal.


About nowgrowup

I'm just a nobody who finds pleasure in complaining about my daily life.

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