Day 35: Boom Boom POW

explosionHello everyone, it’s Mel and I have a perfectly good excuse for why I have been missing from WordPress for the past week: I got my mom sick and have been taking care of her.


That was appropriate.

Yeah but I also got my computer privileges taken away. Which is pretty much pointless since I have an iPhone but ahhh, don’t argue with the parents right.

I went back to hell school yesterday. It was okay, but I just couldn’t get up this morning. It took me a solid thirty minutes to simply get out of bed.

I hate how Kidz Bop has to ruin every song.

I hate (and I think most people disagree with me on this) how Facebook shows when a person has read my message. If they don’t reply, it’s obvious they’re trying to ignore my fucking ass. No, they are not busy. I hate strongly dislike being ignored. If you don’t want to talk to me or answer my question, tell me you’re busy!
Lie. Lie to me. I’m telling you.
Now in this situation, most would leave the person alone. I, on the other hand, idiotically continue to message the person. Most people would get the hint, but I never seem to. I swear that if you looked through my Facebook messages, half of them would consist of my “I know you’ve seen this message” “Don’t ignore me” “I’m serious”.

Man I sound reeaallly annoying when I’m describing myself.

I should be studying right now.


About nowgrowup

I'm just a nobody who finds pleasure in complaining about my daily life.


  1. mischievouseyez

    lol i swear i get super annoyed tooo!!! i go on their wall and write…*hmph. fine ignore me. friendship over * which is overdramatic..but atleast there is a reply aftr that!!! ;)

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