Day 34: I’m Alive..and so is my Dog

2013-memeHello everyone, it’s Mel and I’m back!

I’ve finally recovered (for the most part) from my pneumonia. It was so much fun; I mean man, can’t wait to do it again. Thankfully I didn’t die.

I’m currently watching my mom torture my dog by trying to do some sort of “brushing of the teeth.” Ever heard of it? Yeah, much harder than it looks. I don’t understand why my dog makes such a big deal out of it anyways – the toothpaste is fucking chicken/bacon/whatever flavored.

I realized that I never give my photos titles (and now that I know, I still don’t feel like it). If you click on one of my images and it says “235224624sa9039dog”…sorry ’bout that.

This is getting random.

I feel like every time my dog does something adorable and I take out my camera, he immediately stops, turns away, and runs to another room.

He only loves me if I give him food. I stopped giving him treats about a year ago after he got sick. My dad said we were “killing him with our kindness.” Before, I used to give in all the time, whenever he looked at me (just to be clear, we’re talking about my dog). My sister once said, “Just don’t look at him Mel, he’ll give up eventually.” Of course, my sister showed me the trick and it worked wonders. So, I stole it and made it my trick.

Now guess who gives him the most treats? My sister. What happened there, sis. Every time he looks are her, she immediately goes on and on about how adorable is. A minute later, I’ll see a treat in his mouth and a guilty sister sitting in the family room.

Well this turned out to be yet another post about my dog.



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I'm just a nobody who finds pleasure in complaining about my daily life.

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